value-add (plural value-adds) (business, management) Something that adds value; a benefit or enhancement.

At Appraisal we work with our clients in finding strategic ways to achieve their targets whether it be for the expansion of their business, investments, resolving disputes, financing deals, managing projects, achieving ambitions or defining market trends and outlook.

Our constant goal has always been towards providing value added services to our clients and we are continuously finding ways to improve the delivery of our services.

Four Decades of Excellence


With more than four decades of experience in the property sector, we have established a strong foothold and garnered the confidence of the market in the performance and delivery of property related services.

Established Processes


A business is nothing without strong processes that provides the infrastructure for the delivery of high-quality and timely services to its clients. With established processes that we continue to improve and upgrade, we are confident that the level of service to our clients are of the highest accountability and quality.

Corporate Presence


Our firm reputation and strong ethics established through many years of practice have provided us many opportunities to deliver our services to numerous multi-nationals and public-listed companies. For a list of our corporate clientele, please contact us here.

Our corporate work includes valuations for submission to securities commission in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore, valuations for submission to Bursa Malaysia, feasibility studies and market research for property developers, litigation and Expert Witness work and many others.

For more information on our corporate work, please contact us here.

Trusted by Banks


Appraisal is in the panels of more than 90% of local and foreign banks in Malaysia including Maybank, RHB, CIMB, HSBC, OCBC, Bank of China, EXIM, Hong Leong, Citibank and others. Our work with the banks are mainly for purposes of financing and foreclosure.

Valuation & Advisory

Our core competence includes valuations for purposes of financing (mortgage), foreclosure, financial reporting, submission to securities commission, submission to Bursa Malaysia, inter-company transaction, mergers & acquisitions, disposals, submission to Indah Water, Real Property Gains Tax, Development Charge, Conversion Premium and many others.

Corporate Submissions

The valuation and consultancy work for corporate submissions require a high-level of competence, an established due-diligence and peer review process and technical knowledge and experience. Our work in this area includes valuations for submissions to Bursa Malaysia and the securities commissions of Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Valuations for this purpose comply with the guidelines contained in various standards such as the Asset Valuation Guidelines, Malaysian Valuation Standards and International Valuation Standards to ensure that the reports are of the highest quality and reliability to enable investors or shareholders in making informed decisions.

Litigation Consultancy & Valuation

One of our main expertise includes the consultancy and valuation for litigation purposes such as for compulsory land acquisitions, tort of trespass, sale and purchase disputes, right-of-way, probate matters and others.

Our work in this specialised area would normally entail attendance in court as Expert Witness, as well as, the assistance required for preparation of court documents, examinations, cross-examinations and final submissions.

In consultancy and valuations for compulsory land acquisition under the Land Acquisition Act 1960, we have acted for both landowners and the acquiring authorities in the assessment of compensation and as Expert Witness. This offers us an upper-hand as we have acquired the knowledge and experience from both sides of the spectrum. One such notable exercise was the valuation of over 200 lands along the SILK Highway for the concessionaire of the highway.

Market Research & Project Feasibility

Our research team comprises individuals with experience in research, as well as, hands-on knowledge on the intricacies of a development project. We have provided many market and feasibility studies for developers, banks and landowners for various purposes such as profit analysis, project viability, project financing, joint ventures and residual valuations.

Estate & Biological Asset Valuation

Having an extensive experience in the valuation of oil palm estates in Malaysia as well as Indonesia, it was a natural progression for us to venture into the valuation of biological assets. Past experience includes, but not limited to, 65,323 hectares of oil palm in Malaysia and 99,442 hectares of oil palm in Indonesia for Genting Plantations and valuations of oil mills.

Please contact us for an extensive list of estate valuations and our clientele here.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management (FM) in Malaysia is delivered through our sister company, Appraisal Property Management (a JLL company). Appraisal Property Management was founded in 2011 in collaboration with Fortune 500 company, JLL, for the provision of world-class FM services in Malaysia. For more information, click here.

Human resource remains our highest valued asset. Our people are young, talented and experienced but most importantly share the company’s ethics and vision of value add and continuous improvement.


Kaizen (改善) is the Japanese word for "improvement". In business, kaizen refers to activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers.

Board of Directors



Chartered Surveyor | Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, United Kingdom | Member of the Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia | Registered Valuer & Estate Agent | Licensed Auctioneer

L F Tan has more than 40 years’ experience in the valuation, management and sales of real estate. He was with the Valuation & Property Services Department for about 9 years. He served as a Valuation Officer for Penang and Acting Director of Valuation and Property Services for Kedah and Perlis before he left the public service for private practice in 1979.

Sr. Jamie Tan MRICS, MISM


Chartered Surveyor | B.Sc (Hons) UK | Member of the Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia | Registered Valuer & Estate Agent

Jamie Tan is qualified with a Degree in Estate Management (Hons) from the University Greenwich, United Kingdom. He joined Appraisal since 1996 and is a Registered Valuer & Estate Agent since 2004.

Sr. Jeannie Tan MRICS, MISM


Chartered Surveyor | B.Sc (Hons) UK | Member of the Institution of Surveyors Malaysia | Registered Valuer & Estate Agent

Jeannie Tan is qualified with a First Class Honours Degree in Estate Management from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. She has been in the valuation profession since 1995 and is a Registered Valuer & Estate Agent since 2007.

We are constantly on the lookout for new talents especially for people who share our vision and philosophy.

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